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How to Unlock a Micro SD Card Write Protected

If you get the message “The disk is write protected” when copying files or formatting a device, do not rush to throw it away. Let’s see what can be done in such a situation.

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micro sd card write protected

Unlock a Micro SD Card Write Protected

You may get similar error messages when working with a computer or laptop, as well as with a mobile phone, tablet PC, TV, or car stereo. Follow these steps to remove write protection:

1. Some models of flash drives, memory cards, and external drives may have switches to activate write protection. Most often you can find such switches in SD cards. Examine the device carefully and check the position of the switch (if applicable).

2. Your device may be infected with a virus blocking your attempts to write or format the disc. Check the device with an antivirus and clean it if necessary.

3. Unlock the device using the command prompt:

a. Launch the command prompt as an administrator.
b. Type the command “Diskpart” and press Enter.
c. Type “list disk” and press Enter.
d. Find the drive number for your flash drive, memory card, or hard drive. When you do, the size of the player will help you. Type “select disk” and the disk number that corresponds to the device and press Enter.
e. Type “clear attributes of the disk read-only” and press Enter. This will unlock the device for writing.

We also recommend that you clean and format the disc for later use. Follow the next steps only if the drive does not contain any important data.

a. Type “clean” and press Enter – it will delete all data on this drive, including service information.
b. Type “create primary partition” and press Enter – this creates a new partition.
c. Then type “select partition 1” and press Enter.
d. Type “active” and press Enter, and the new partition will become active.
e. Then type “format fs = fat32 quick” and press Enter – it will format the device in FAT32 format.
f. After that, type “assign” and press Enter to give the flash drive a letter name.

When you have done so, try to create a file or folder on the flash drive. As we can see, the protection has been successfully removed.