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How to Unlock a Micro SD Card Write Protected

If you get the message “The disk is write protected” when copying files or formatting a device, do not rush to throw it away. Let’s see what can be done in such a situation.

Accidental deletion of files, formatting of hard drive, virus attack, operating system failure or file system failure – these are just a few issues that can be resolved with Hetman Software programs: https: // hetmanrecovery. com /.

micro sd card write protected

Unlock a Micro SD Card Write Protected

You may get similar error messages when working with a computer or laptop, as well as with a mobile phone, tablet PC, TV, or car stereo. Follow these steps to remove write protection:

1. Some models of flash drives, memory cards, and external drives may have switches to activate write protection. Most often you can find such switches in SD cards. Examine the device carefully and check the position of the switch (if applicable).

2. Your device may be infected with a virus blocking your attempts to write or format the disc. Check the device with an antivirus and clean it if necessary.

3. Unlock the device using the command prompt:

a. Launch the command prompt as an administrator.
b. Type the command “Diskpart” and press Enter.
c. Type “list disk” and press Enter.
d. Find the drive number for your flash drive, memory card, or hard drive. When you do, the size of the player will help you. Type “select disk” and the disk number that corresponds to the device and press Enter.
e. Type “clear attributes of the disk read-only” and press Enter. This will unlock the device for writing.

We also recommend that you clean and format the disc for later use. Follow the next steps only if the drive does not contain any important data.

a. Type “clean” and press Enter – it will delete all data on this drive, including service information.
b. Type “create primary partition” and press Enter – this creates a new partition.
c. Then type “select partition 1” and press Enter.
d. Type “active” and press Enter, and the new partition will become active.
e. Then type “format fs = fat32 quick” and press Enter – it will format the device in FAT32 format.
f. After that, type “assign” and press Enter to give the flash drive a letter name.

When you have done so, try to create a file or folder on the flash drive. As we can see, the protection has been successfully removed.

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Your Best Home Security Systems Options Decision Made Easy!

Finding and choosing your best home security systems is not an easy task and every option should be carefully evaluated before making decision on buying home surveillance systems.

Everyone wants the best sport cars, best electronics gadgets, not excluding best house in an excellent, safest, coolest, nicest, most beautiful and secure location….

best home secury camera

That is, if any such haven does exists.


having all these best this and best that also means that you should have the best security system for home to firmly secure your properties.

A single cap cannot fit everyone! Just the same way you will not protect your head with a frying pan!

The best home security systems camera with certain set of features fit for one person and for a particular purpose may be quite unsuitable for another.

“Therefore, do not purchase a home surveillance system because your friends bought same without reviewing if it is right for you too.

In other words, the best home security systems for you must be perfectly suitable for your business premise, construction site, school, parking lot or any other specific needs or purpose.

Hence, best is a relative term which depends on YOUR security needs and purpose. ”

How then would you know the perfect home security and surveillance systems for YOUR needs?

It’s simple. Do not despair.

Wherever you are thinking of securing, this surveillance system solution helper would help you and show you some good options.

These smart surveillance systems tips here will show you how to choose the best home security systems or top rated home monitoring systems company.

We will ensure that you make your decision on best home safety like a Pro!

Below are 5 smart tips for choosing your best home security systems:

1. Monitored Home Alarm or DIY Self-monitored DVR Camera

Do-It-Yourself DIY home security camera system is a great way to save cost because they often do not require monthly subscription or monitoring charges.

You have the option to choose low cost IP wireless home security camera systems that enables you to monitor and see your home real-time.

Monitored home alarm system are often provided by big home alarm monitoring companies like lifeshield, brinks security, ADT security, Monitronics, GE Security, Alarm Force or Guardian Security.

This option greatly increases your sense of security since you are confident that some security professionals are watching your apartment for you.

Hence, if you have limited budget and you would not mind that your home surveillance systems have just basic to moderate features sets, then – life is much easier because you will have numerous options.

2. Cost of Security System For Home And Your Budget

Years ago, only the rich could afford home security system monitoring, probably they were the ones who needed it most. Nowadays, anyone concern about safety of his home needs it.

Now, don’t be fooled to thinking the highly pricey security and surveillance equipments are more secured than others.

In fact, there is no guarantee that an expensive home security camera system solution is going to be foolproof.

There are some very affordable video security camera system that would not require you to empy your bank accounts.

Some people find using dummy or fake security cameras appropriate for reducing the cost of their security system.

Indeed many people have been using fake surveillance cameras to extend already existing video camera security system. Indeed this may be an excellent choice as outdoor security camera.

However, we do not think using a fake surveillance camera is a good idea also we won’t tell you otherwise, however, it mainly depends on how you plan to use it.

3. Internet Connected Security System Or Stand-Alone

Have you been thinking about knowing what’s going on in your house when you’re not present? Do you have a stranger or babysitter monitoring your child at home?

Would you like to get SMS alerts when something happen in your home when you are not anywhere near your house?

Then you need an IP security camera system that can allow remote home surveillance.

Stand-alone DVR security systems are great if you wish to record activities in your home or business and then review it later. This is particular great for business security camera system.

You have several options here ranging from stand alone portable DVR, mini DVR, mobile DVR.


You can even convert your home computer to an excellent security system solution.

4. Top Features To Look For in Your Best Home Security Systems

Your ideal choice of best home security systems camera can be as simple as you prefer or it can be very elaborate as your technical requirements can accommodate.

First you need to critically evaluate your required surveillance coverage area. Are you thinking of only indoor security monitoring or a combination of both indoor and outdoor security cameras?

Add extra surveillance cameras to your Alert master systems can give you a more complete picture of what�s happening indoors and outdoor.

For outdoor security cameras, consider weatherproof, day and night vision.

If you are not sure of what you need in your home security surveillance equipment, here is a security solution finder a tool you can use to build your own best home security systems solution and get great discount on your build.

Sound and motion activated security camera are also great options you want to include for indoor security system.

What is most important however is that the system should be reliable and not prone to malfunctions or peak downs.

5. Wired or Wireless Home Security Camera Systems

This is a hard decision between security reliability and convenience. Wired security systems are well known to be much more secure and reliable.

You can’t go wrong with a well installed wired home video security system or wired house alarm security system. On the other hand, wireless security systems for home are very convenient, easy to install, manage and configure.

Irrespective of the type, whether it is alarm security system or video surveillance equipments.

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Consider A Burglar Alarm System To Protect Your Home And Family

A burglar alarm system is a valuable prevention tool that can help give you peace of mind in terms of protecting your home and your family from the threat of home invasions and other problems.

You should really consider having one installed or put in your home. Because prevention is the best way to keep your peace of mind intact. It may become problematic if you are unsure about the basic fundamentals of how a burglar alarm system works. Especially if you are installing your own burglar alarm, but with a little guidance and information. You should be able to prevail and come out as the winner once again in the war on crime.

Burglar Alarm System

Burglar Alarm System

The burglar alarm system is pretty much standard equipment in a lot of homes and businesses because of the rise of crime, especially property and house crimes. There are plenty of options available for your dollar if you are shopping for a home alarm system or one for your business. So being aware of those options can be a tricky but necessary part to your shopping experience. There are kits that enable you to put a system together yourself or sophisticated systems that require professional installation and a lot of intricate designs to create a working functionality. Some of the most practical systems are also the simplest in design.

The Simple Approach

The most basic of all of the types of the burglar alarm system is the simple electric circuit built into an entry way alarm. These are either closed-circuit systems or open circuit systems. For all intents and purposes are designed in effectively the same way but with different outputs. They basically run on the principle that they are activated by a switch which opens or closes the circuit. In the closed-circuit system, the alarm functions as “on” when the circuit is closed and the door is shut, for example. As long as the door is closed, electricity runs from one end of the circuit to the other. The open circuit system functions the opposite way and opening the door closes the circuit.

Those burglar alarm system types are great for taking care of the perimeter of your home or business. If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated in terms of a burglar alarm system. However, you may be interested in motion detection technology. There are radar based models or photo-sensor based models of motion detection technology. Both of which enable you greater interior protection than the circuit technology-based alarm system.
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Outstanding Low-Cost DIY Home Security Systems

Do-It-Yourself: DIY home security systems are simple enough to install single-handedly without any professional help.

This could drastically cut your cost to a fraction of the cost of conventional home alarm security systems offered by many home security systems companies.

DIY home security systems

By utilizing technologies such as wireless connectivity and battery-operated sensors, do it yourself home security alarm systems allow you to monitor your home yourself, through your Web browser using a computer or smartphone.

We will examine some of the ways you can safeguard your home.

But first, let us ask this question: Why Do-It-Yourself?

The most noteworthy feature of these new DIY home security systems services is that they are wireless.

While many people might enjoy drilling holes in doorjambs and walls, most would prefer to stick a few wireless sensors on the windows and move on.

Simple Install DIY Home Security Systems
Supplies & Services

For those versatile folks who are ever-ready to do a bit more work, there are full do it yourself home alarm security system that take token effort to install and cost far less than professional installations.

These self-service kits usually include door sensor, small attachments that monitor windows and doors, as well as motion detectors and multiple sensors.

One powerful feature of monitored system is the video surveillance and cellular offered by your house alarm security system.

You would rarely need to use any tool for your installation.

You would only need the double-sided tape to secure the sensors in place.

Some of these wireless home security alarm systems who are prevented from damaging the paint on doors and windows.

All of these diy home security alarm systems are almost completely wireless, with the exception of the base stations, which connect to a landline.

However, the sensors, buttons and keypads rely on Wi-Fi or other wireless connectivity, enabling them to cast a wide net around your house or apartment.

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Isn’t Using Wireless Indoor Camera Overrated?

“No way! wireless indoor camera is definitely not required to catch thieves or intruders on your property.

It’s just marketing hype by manufacturers to get our hard-earned dough [money]…

Dude, you know what I’d rather do…

I’m gonna buy me a shotgun and pistol then just wait for any shithead to break in….. problem solved no need for any wireless indoor video camera!”

Wireless Indoor Camera

That was the fascinating response of a family man I was speaking with lately on why he needs a wireless home security monitoring equipment.

I asked him how about when you go to work, or go to bed or even shopping?… you don’t think that’s more than enough ample time for anyone to break into your house when you’re not around? [without any home burglar alarm security system]…”

It was a very fascinating discussion which went on for over half an hour.

Interestingly, by the time we finished talking, he did not only agree that he needed a good wireless home security monitoring equipment.

In fact the following week I saw him, he had actually purchased a powerful wireless indoor video camera package with home burglar alarm systems which I recommended to him!

Wireless Indoor Camera

Honestly, friends, I don’t know anybody who can sit in a rocking chair on their porch 24/7 with a shotgun in hands watching out for home burglars!

Well, let me say that can only work if you’re a couch potato, staying at home ALL the time, never sleep and can shoot all the intruders before they reach you.

Heavens help you if a gang attacks.

Unless you’re Spartacus, you will have to shoot ’em all before one of them reaches you and takes you by surprise!


You say what about dogs?

Yeah, of course dogs are good but gone are the days when you leave the security of your home to your dogs.

Believe me, at such times you would wish you had invested some stipends in a good wireless home security monitoring equipment with some crystal clear image-producing wireless indoor and outdoor cameras.

Needless to say, a hit on the head or a single bullet is what it takes to forever silence even the most watchful dogs.

Evidently, no amount of security dogs can replace a complete wireless home security monitoring systems packed with both wireless indoor and outdoor cameras!

Consider this: unlike dogs, you don’t need to feed wireless indoor cameras, (well, except feeding ’em power supply) you don’t have to worry about indoor wireless cameras pooping blood in the house or your outdoor cameras biting neighbor�s child putting you in trouble.

Click here to see some our highly recommended complete wireless home video security systems solutions.

In fact you could get additional hidden wireless outdoor spy cameras that could save you troubles and catch those pranksters destroying your garden or flowers.

If you already have a wireless home security system, you can easily just do-it-yourself and add additional wireless spy cameras to your wireless indoor camera system.

Home security systems are quite important in this present day. You have to monitor and secure both indoor and outdoor of your home.


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Home Surveillance System Smart Guides For Total Protection and Security

This website is dedicated to putting in your hands best tips on home security and surveillance camera systems you need to guarantee your safety.

Do you know if there are wireless home burglar alarms for every crime, then a burglary alarm system should trigger somewhere every 15 seconds due to high crime rate?


Home Surveillance System Smart Guides

Now, think about these questions for a moment:

  • With increasing crime rate everywhere, do you feel safe in your neighborhood?
  • Have you taken enough security and safety measures to protect your home and business premises?
  • Do you have an intelligent anti-burglar home wireless alarm systems that monitors and provides you timely smart tips on the state of your properties using a smart home surveillance system?
  • Do you have tangible cleverly captured surveillance evidences to confront your cheating spouse of his infidelity which he has denied to your face many times?
  • As a business owner, did you install a fake surveillance camera or you have business security systems to remotely monitor your workplace, workers or that “confidential” cabinet in your office?
  • Do you have a hidden camera detector or any counter spy gadget to check if your hotel room is bugged with hidden surveillance cameras whenever you check into hotel rooms?
  • As a working mum who hires nannies, do you have covert babysitter cam to monitor your child? Protecting your child from abusive babysitters is crucial for your child’s safety.

“If you can identify with one or more of these common situations, or if you answer “No” or could possibly not come up with an answer in a snap to any of these questions, then…,”

…welcome to the future and get a head start in learning about home alarm monitoring security systems and smart home surveillance system tips you need to protect your privacy, residence and properties.

As I was writing this article, my cousin who travelled for a friend’s wedding outside states buzzed me on facebook and reported that his landlord just called him and informed him that his house had just been burgled!

His savings, newly bought home theatre, white gold wrist-watches, high valued designer suits and other valuables are all gone! His apartment has been burgled before he came back from his trip!

He could have been able to alert police if he had installed a home security wireless camera system or perharps be enlightened enough to setup a home security video and alarm system to alert the nearest police department!

“No doubt, installing a wired or wireless home video surveillance camera or house alarms offered by some of the top home alarm monitoring companies like ADT security, Monitronics, Brinks home security, GE Security, Alarm Force or Guardian Security greatly increases the security of a home.”

Every year, thousands of small business owners, retailers (e.g. convenience stores, including jewelry stores!) lose millions of dollars to theft, burglary, shoplifting, pilferage across the world.

Installing a smart indoor home surveillance system that can be monitored remotely can provide great security support.

This website provides smart home surveillance system reviews ratings and tips you should know before you swipe your credit card on any video security surveillance equipment.