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Isn’t Using Wireless Indoor Camera Overrated?

“No way! wireless indoor camera is definitely not required to catch thieves or intruders on your property.

It’s just marketing hype by manufacturers to get our hard-earned dough [money]…

Dude, you know what I’d rather do…

I’m gonna buy me a shotgun and pistol then just wait for any shithead to break in….. problem solved no need for any wireless indoor video camera!”

Wireless Indoor Camera

That was the fascinating response of a family man I was speaking with lately on why he needs a wireless home security monitoring equipment.

I asked him how about when you go to work, or go to bed or even shopping?… you don’t think that’s more than enough ample time for anyone to break into your house when you’re not around? [without any home burglar alarm security system]…”

It was a very fascinating discussion which went on for over half an hour.

Interestingly, by the time we finished talking, he did not only agree that he needed a good wireless home security monitoring equipment.

In fact the following week I saw him, he had actually purchased a powerful wireless indoor video camera package with home burglar alarm systems which I recommended to him!

Wireless Indoor Camera

Honestly, friends, I don’t know anybody who can sit in a rocking chair on their porch 24/7 with a shotgun in hands watching out for home burglars!

Well, let me say that can only work if you’re a couch potato, staying at home ALL the time, never sleep and can shoot all the intruders before they reach you.

Heavens help you if a gang attacks.

Unless you’re Spartacus, you will have to shoot ’em all before one of them reaches you and takes you by surprise!


You say what about dogs?

Yeah, of course dogs are good but gone are the days when you leave the security of your home to your dogs.

Believe me, at such times you would wish you had invested some stipends in a good wireless home security monitoring equipment with some crystal clear image-producing wireless indoor and outdoor cameras.

Needless to say, a hit on the head or a single bullet is what it takes to forever silence even the most watchful dogs.

Evidently, no amount of security dogs can replace a complete wireless home security monitoring systems packed with both wireless indoor and outdoor cameras!

Consider this: unlike dogs, you don’t need to feed wireless indoor cameras, (well, except feeding ’em power supply) you don’t have to worry about indoor wireless cameras pooping blood in the house or your outdoor cameras biting neighbor�s child putting you in trouble.

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In fact you could get additional hidden wireless outdoor spy cameras that could save you troubles and catch those pranksters destroying your garden or flowers.

If you already have a wireless home security system, you can easily just do-it-yourself and add additional wireless spy cameras to your wireless indoor camera system.

Home security systems are quite important in this present day. You have to monitor and secure both indoor and outdoor of your home.


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Home Surveillance System Smart Guides For Total Protection and Security

This website is dedicated to putting in your hands best tips on home security and surveillance camera systems you need to guarantee your safety.

Do you know if there are wireless home burglar alarms for every crime, then a burglary alarm system should trigger somewhere every 15 seconds due to high crime rate?


Home Surveillance System Smart Guides

Now, think about these questions for a moment:

  • With increasing crime rate everywhere, do you feel safe in your neighborhood?
  • Have you taken enough security and safety measures to protect your home and business premises?
  • Do you have an intelligent anti-burglar home wireless alarm systems that monitors and provides you timely smart tips on the state of your properties using a smart home surveillance system?
  • Do you have tangible cleverly captured surveillance evidences to confront your cheating spouse of his infidelity which he has denied to your face many times?
  • As a business owner, did you install a fake surveillance camera or you have business security systems to remotely monitor your workplace, workers or that “confidential” cabinet in your office?
  • Do you have a hidden camera detector or any counter spy gadget to check if your hotel room is bugged with hidden surveillance cameras whenever you check into hotel rooms?
  • As a working mum who hires nannies, do you have covert babysitter cam to monitor your child? Protecting your child from abusive babysitters is crucial for your child’s safety.

“If you can identify with one or more of these common situations, or if you answer “No” or could possibly not come up with an answer in a snap to any of these questions, then…,”

…welcome to the future and get a head start in learning about home alarm monitoring security systems and smart home surveillance system tips you need to protect your privacy, residence and properties.

As I was writing this article, my cousin who travelled for a friend’s wedding outside states buzzed me on facebook and reported that his landlord just called him and informed him that his house had just been burgled!

His savings, newly bought home theatre, white gold wrist-watches, high valued designer suits and other valuables are all gone! His apartment has been burgled before he came back from his trip!

He could have been able to alert police if he had installed a home security wireless camera system or perharps be enlightened enough to setup a home security video and alarm system to alert the nearest police department!

“No doubt, installing a wired or wireless home video surveillance camera or house alarms offered by some of the top home alarm monitoring companies like ADT security, Monitronics, Brinks home security, GE Security, Alarm Force or Guardian Security greatly increases the security of a home.”

Every year, thousands of small business owners, retailers (e.g. convenience stores, including jewelry stores!) lose millions of dollars to theft, burglary, shoplifting, pilferage across the world.

Installing a smart indoor home surveillance system that can be monitored remotely can provide great security support.

This website provides smart home surveillance system reviews ratings and tips you should know before you swipe your credit card on any video security surveillance equipment.